Medical Solution Tour is a unique, innovative medical assistance clinic created to develop medical tourism in Kazakhstan

For adult patients, the following are provided:

✅ quality treatment in the most developed cities of Kazakhstan:
— Almaty (oncology, palliative care, oncology diagnostics) and
— Astana (neurosurgery, neurorehabilitation);

✅ access to advanced technologies in accordance with the world medical standards of quality and patient safety, and high scientific achievements.


providing the best medical assistance for the health of citizens of Kazakhstan, and foreign patients through treatment in Kazakhstan

With the best and fastest medical solutions, service for health, and maximum patient comfort, the prices are significantly lower than in other countries of the world.

Medical Solution Tour -

is a project t unmatched in Kazakhstan. For an effective result on the health of patients, it consolidates experienced experts in the field of medical tourism, highly professional doctors, and nursing staff. Service companies, hotels with a special price list, and other necessary resources are involved.


Medical Solution Tour provides the following services:

✅individual selection of an attending doctor and a clinic,
✅ arranging all the logistics for arrival-departure and treatment,
✅ preliminary opinion, online consultation with a doctor based the received medical documents,
✅ free meeting, transfer from the airport to the hotel/apartment/clinic, from the hotel/apartment/clinic to the airport,
✅ transfer hotel/apartment – ​​clinic – hotel/apartment,
✅ free hotel reservation, selection of apartments for the patient and his relatives,
✅ patient transfer by ambulance upon request, (possibly from the border area with Kazakhstan),
✅ online consultations, the second look of leading specialists from the best foreign partner clinics (Turkey, USA, Israel, Germany, Spain, etc.),
✅ visa support,
✅ medical translator,
✅ we translate medical documents into foreign languages.


We organize concierge services for patients from anywhere in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad. In addition to concierge services, Medical Solution Tour provides assistance in obtaining a second opinion from highly qualified foreign doctors, organizing high-quality oncological check-ups, and neurorehabilitation.

You can learn more about it on our website in the "Services" section.


providing an individual approach to each patient, a professional medical solution that allows you to quickly find the right doctor

upon the client’s request, providing a second medical opinion by foreign specialists

organization of treatment with a personal concierge service

assurances of confidentiality, high service at the international level, sensitive approach to each patient and his relatives

director Almaty

Marat Sarsenbekov

Head of the office in Almaty

Medical Solution Tour - Medical Assistance clinic
Kazakhstan, Almaty

mobile phone
+7 777 340 74 84



Sholpan Dosmukhambetova

Head of the office in the city of Nursultan

Medical Solution Tour - Medical Assistance clinic
Kazakhstan, Nursultan

mobile phone
+7 771 555 88 29



Our advantages

trusted doctors

All specialists represented by our service are tested and selected for qualifications, quality of services, experience and the number of successful cases.


The latest methods of examination, treatment, and recovery of patients are used. Our service also constantly monitors the technical equipment of specialists and checks the conditions of treatment of patients.

Service 24/7

In order to treat patients effectively, Medical Solution Tour provides patients with experienced doctors, advanced medical technologies, psychological counseling, concierge services, and personalized comfort, taking into account all the needs and requests of patients.

support at all stages of treatment

Our service is constantly available to patients. We coordinate the efforts of doctors, and build individual treatment programs to quickly and efficiently solve the health problems of each patient.

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