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Medical Solution Tour is a medical assistance clinic that cares about the health of its patients. We have collected the best doctors from Kazakhstan in one place. Our specialists are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Here you will solve your health problems!

Our advantages

trusted doctors

All specialists represented by our service are tested and selected for qualifications, quality of services, experience and the number of successful cases.


The latest methods of examination, treatment, and recovery of patients are used. Our service also constantly monitors the technical equipment of specialists and checks the conditions of treatment of patients.

Service 24/7

In order to treat patients effectively, Medical Solution Tour provides patients with experienced doctors, advanced medical technologies, psychological counseling, concierge services, and personalized comfort, taking into account all the needs and requests of patients.

support at all stages of treatment

Our service is constantly available to patients. We coordinate the efforts of doctors, and build individual treatment programs to quickly and efficiently solve the health problems of each patient.

From application to arrival for treatment



You fill out the contact form and send us medical documents




We select specialists and treatment options for you




We jointly discuss all the options, details and issues of future treatment - the final choice is always yours




We take care of all organizational issues and provide full assistance in accompanying the treatment


What are they saying about us

We want to express our deep gratitude to the medical staff of the surgical department of LLP "Medical Solution Tour" for everything you have done to help prolong the life of our father, grandfather Barlybayev T.Sh. We would like to express special gratitude to the head of LLP "Medical Solution Tour" Sarsenbekov Marat and doctors: Ismambetov Askhat Sagymbekovich, Zhanai Manaiuly, Khudaibergenov Talgat Zhuparbekovich, KenelbayevTemirbek Ilesbekovich, Panov Ruslan Genadyevich for their high professionalism, sensitive and kind attitude towards all patients.

Once again, thank you very much for your selfless work, for your quick response, for your help in acute difficult situations, and for human sympathy!

Barlybayev famaly

April 6, 2022
Лого Medsolution

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