To the patient

Download and fill out the "Patient Questionnaire"

Medical Solution Tour is a unique medical assistance clinic.

We enable patients to save money and, most importantly, time!

We select individually a highly professional, experienced doctor who is a specialist in your disease, the correct diagnosis, and the best treatment conditions. Altogether it will give solutions to your health problems!

If you want to get treatment for your disease and save time – we will help you!

Medical Solution Tour understands the importance of saving time and patient health. Our medical assistance clinic offers access to the best practices and doctors in Kazakhstan and abroad.

After receiving the application and reviewing your medical documents, we will contact you and prepare information on possible treatment options. We will find you the most suitable doctor who will definitely be able to help you. The choice is always yours!

Medical records and medical images in electronic form – all these documents will help to get the most complete picture of your state of health.

To understand what specialist you need and what specific treatment is required - upload your medical documents in the application field and we will consider everything together with a medical specialist!

The patient's questionnaire will need to be filled out in as much detail as possible (as if you went to the doctor's office and answered his questions in detail) and attached to the letter in Word without scanning (!).

You can send an email to our mail to Or fill out the form on the site – in such a way we will also receive your application.

You also need to attach to the letter all the available scanned (!) doctor's reports, if any (photos are not accepted), and photos of clear lesions.

We also expect a link to medical files from the patient (if such files take up a lot of space and cannot be sent in a regular email) – this can be done using the WeTransfer service. You can attach all downloaded MRI, CT, PET discs, and all documents - whatever you have at the moment. When loading disks, they cannot be compressed or attached in a zip version, otherwise they will not open. You need to upload to WeTransfer only in the full version without compression.

Each sent letter with documents must be marked with the patient's last name and initials.

The response of doctors directly depends on the quality of the application.

The medical assistance company "Medical Solution Tour" individually concludes an agreement with each patient, taking into account your needs and wishes.